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For dealers and professionals

A wide specialized product range,
qualified technical support,
and reliable suppliers will build
a solid foundation for your business
We have what to offer you
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Our advantages
Wide range of products Over 1, 000 items of specialized equipment
Best price offers
on the market
Direct supplies
Qualified technical support Free consultation
Loyalty program Bonuses depending on sale volumes
Training and technical support Seminars, trainings, probation practice for dealers
High quality Manufacturer’s guarantee up to 15 years
Exclusive brands Our exclusive offers
Supervised installation Professional supervised installation
and start-up in the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries
Exclusive brands
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Референція «Клевер.
Новітні технології»
«Атмосфера - Одеса»
ООО Світ Клімату»
ООО «Солар Компані»
Seminars and trainings
Calculation, design, ROI study ...
Seminar for advanced specialists
Basic information about solar thermal and photovoltaic systems
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Are you able to start performing assembling/start-up/servicing RES systems (solar systems, PV installations, heat pumps, wind turbines) immediately or you need additional training?:
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