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For home and family

Renewable energy sources
are the way towards independence,
comfort and cost-effectiveness
of your home
We have what to offer you
We will contact you

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Our advantages
High quality Manufacturer’s guarantee up to 15 years
Best price offers
on the market
Extensive experience 300 successfully
Customer care Response to service inquiry in max. 2 days
We are professionals Our specialization —
energy sources
Customers’ feedback
Implemented projects
Exclusive brands
Interested, but don’t know what to start from?
Firstly, fill in a form of request for free consultation. It will take not more than one minute! Otherwise, just call us at:
+380(44) 545-71-04
Our manager will consult you by the phone and will make a preliminary calculation of the cost of equipment installation for free.
Order a site visit of our specialist for an exact assessment of work required and specific recommendations.
Sign an Equipment Installation Contract. After its signing our assembling team will start works.
Accept works of installation specialists. Use our equipment and start saving your power expenditures!
Do you have any further questions? We will be glad to answer!


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